Bus Rapid Transit (BRTs) systems have been used in many cities around the world to optimize the operation of transportation infrastructure.

In Colombia, the BRT models have made a significant contribution to one of the most advanced national urban transportation policies. However Colombia, like most of the developing countries, continues to demonstrate accelerated growth in private motorization rates, reduced rates of public transportation utilization and an increase in carbon emissions. Although the BRTs implemented in most cities have significantly contributed to improvements in mobility, it is clear that they are no silver bullet for the cities facing the challenge of sustainable development.

Transit oriented developments (TODs) involve urban planning concepts that seek integration between transportation and land use, in such a way as to generate synergy between the mobility benefits and the localization of economic and residential activities. In general TODs are a starting point for the generation of social, economic and environmental values, with comprehensive interventions in transportation and land use. But, are TODs the answer? Are TODs the approach for the future to build upon successful BRTs? Where have TODs been successful? How should we apply them to developing cities? What comes after BRTs?

These and many other questions will be addressed in this influential international seminar organized by Universidad de los Andes with the support of the Colombian Territorial Development Finance organization, FINDETER and ICETEX.
Given the challenges of integrating environmental sustainability, urban development, fiscal sustainability and good governance in Colombian cities, FINDETER developed the Sustainable, Competitive and Creative Cities Platform under the guidance of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Through this framework, FINDETER seeks to enrich the possibilities for development of TODs and create a space for discussion in order to advance public policy reforms for more sustainable development of cities in Colombia.

This seminar will allow investigators, multilateral organizations and global leaders to openly discuss, with technical support, the big questions and key dilemmas that our cities must face with respect to BRTs and the transition to progressive and sustainable models of mobility and urban development. 


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